Day: February 25, 2019

Redshift – World XXI Soft announces a ZX Spectrum Scrolling shooter release!

ZX Spectrum owners listen up! As we’ve just been told by World XXI Soft through their twitter page, that they have now released their previously in development for the ZX Dev MIA Remakes compo, as ‘ Redshift ‘! Yes indeed are you ready to play a rather cool looking scrolling […]

The Two Towers: A Decent Percentage of Those Who Wander Are, in Fact, Lost

Well, that’s helpful.              We haven’t had many games that support multiple parties adventuring at the same time, and each has handled the notion a slightly different way, depending on the reasons for the separation. For instance, some games support multiple players operating simultaneously, either cooperatively or competitively, such as […]

Retarded Creatures and Caverns – ZX Speccy Adventure game available for the Amstrad CPC

What a fabulous day so far with games such as Tenebra Macabre, B-Ball and even Moritz to the Moon gracing themselves on our website. So what’s next you might ask? Well here’s an Amstrad game for you to enjoy, it’s ‘Retarded Creatures and Caverns’. A text based adventure that was released […]

Tenebra Macabre – A rather special C64 game by Digital Monastery is coming!

Welcome to Monday and a Monday full of awesome games! The first one to announce which is due to be released any day now, is Digital Monastery’s C64 game ‘ Tenebra Macabre ‘. This game created for the RGCD’s C64 16KB Cartridge GameDev Compo 2019, is a game that doesn’t just […]