Month: February 2019

Aliens: Neoplasma – Aliens have arrived on the ZX Spectrum!

In terms of retro gaming announcements, we have been blown away this week with news of games such as Rygar AGA, Tenebra Macabre, Dizzy and The Mushrooms Pie, PTM, Redshift and even Moritz to the Moon to keep us company. Well it looks as if there’s a bigger shocker of an announcement […]

Tenebra Macabre – A rather special C64/VIC 20 game by Digital Monastery is here!

If you’re looking for something awesome to play through this week, then you’ll pleased to know Digital Monastery’s has finally released their C64 game ‘ Tenebra Macabre ‘. This game created for the RGCD’s C64 16KB Cartridge GameDev Compo 2019, is a game that doesn’t just feature wickedly horror filled […]

CD32 and Beer multiplayer compilation February 19th edition!

Thanks to Karl Kuras who is one of our Patreon Supporters, he has told us the CD32 and Beer multiplayer compilation February 19th edition was released and incase we missed out should let you guys know. Well here it is then, a new compiliation of awesome multiplayer games for your […]

Rygar AGA – Tecmo’s Arcade game as an Amiga port gets a new demo

Last year we shocked the community with an announcement that Tecmo’s 1986 Arcade game of ‘ Rygar the Legendary Warrior ‘, was unofficially coming to the Amiga after having been released for systems such as the Sharp X68000, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Master System and yes even the Lynx all […]

LUST FROM BEYOND – Lust for Darkness sequel is coming Q1 2020!

This is a very early announcement and one "some" of you might be interested in, as we were contacted by PlayWay, that the sequel of Lust for Darkness, which is called LUST FROM BEYOND, will be released at some point Q1 2020. If you enjoyed the original game; a horror game […]

Dizzy and The Mushrooms Pie – A new Dizzy adventure for ZX Spectrum DivMMC and emulators!

If you are a fan of the Dizzy games by the Oliver Twins or want a fun little adventure to play, then come and check out Verm-V and team’s Dizzy fan game called ‘ Dizzy and The Mushrooms Pie’, developed for the ZX Spectrum DivMMC and emulators. This game originally […]

All Valley Karate Championship – Karate Kid inspired game for the Commodore Amiga

Iron Gate is back in the news this week, as after previously releasing games such as The Zing, The Real Brus Lii and Mini Legión, they’ve now gone and released an Amiga game called ‘ All Valley Karate Championship ‘ for the EAB game development contest 2019. Now if the image above […]

PTM – UltraNarwhal’s ZX Spectrum game inspired by Licence To Kill!

If you’ve been looking forward to playing more games released via the ZX Dev MIA Remakes compo, then you’ll be pleased to know UltraNarwhal has released his ZX Spectrum game ‘ PTM ‘ , which is usable on the ZX Spectrum 48k or 128k home computer. This game as mentioned on […]

Quarantine – Driving simulation and FPS action from 1994, a DarkwyndPT review!

Everybody knows that one of the most influential videogames ever to be released for the PC was Doom. So much so that shortly afterwards a bunch of games with very similar gameplay and graphical engines were released, which became known as “Doom clones”. I’ve already reviewed one of these clones […]