Day: January 7, 2019

Wolfling Preview V1.3 – Nesdev game previewed on the C64 is looking seriously good

In 2017 Lazycow released an early version of a high quality platforming game for the NES as an entry for the 2017 Nesdev competition. It gained favourable feedback during that time with one such member noting the game had nice level design, felt non linear and incredibly moody with rather […]

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] – CGA Animated graphics with Another World vibe comes to Steam

I’ve played many games growing up, games released on the Amstrad right up to the modern day PC. But there’s one game I’ve never heard of and wish I had, and that was The Eternal Castle; a game apparently released in 1987 as an emotional experience, set as an original masterpiece […]

New Amiga 1200 keycaps arrive from and we’ve reviewed them has done exceedingly well via crowd funding and more especially for the Amiga community throughout these last few years, as not only did they smash a Kickstarter success for their Amiga 1200 case crowd funding campaign, but during 2016 they also pushed through a successful Kickstarter for the Amiga […]

Game 315: Lords of Time (1992)

            Lords of Time United States Hollyware (developer and publisher) Released in 1992 for Amiga Date Started: 3 January 2019 Well, here’s an interesting find. Rarely does a game appear on my “upcoming” list with no one ever having commented on it, no one saying he was looking forward to […]