Day: January 3, 2019

Inviyya – In development Amiga Shoot Em Up gets new footage

The Amiga is coming in HOT already this year as after already mentioning Hard Copy Party, Rygar AGA, and Trap Runner, along comes another video update for the in-development Amiga shoot em up ‘Inviyya’, which is being developed by┬áTigerSkunk, Triace and Premium for the Amiga 500 and up. This game […]

L’abbaye Des Morts – Eagerly awaited C64 port will be released January 2019!

Some time back we announced the release of L’Abbaye des Morts; a great retro platformer in a ZX Spectrum style that was originally developed by Locomalito who is no stranger to developing fantastic games such as Maldita Castilla and Hydorah. Well you’ll be pleased to know that same game which […]

Log Cabin Dizzy (ZX Spectrum Edition) – ZX Spectrum remake of Jamie Douglas’s PC version

If you are a fan of the Dizzy games by the Oliver Twins or want a fun little adventure to play, then come and check out Verm-V’s new Dizzy game called ‘ Log Cabin Dizzy (ZX Spectrum Edition)’, which was released over the Christmas period for the ZX Spectrum. This […]

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever V8 – Cloanto releases two big emulation packages for 2018/19

Although many of us stick to real hardware, unofficial gaming packages from the likes of GamesNostalgia or TheCompany.PL, or a quick load up through software such as FS-UAE and WinUAE. There’s still a rather large fan base who prefer using the Cloanto Emulation packages such as Amiga Forever and C64 […]

Sizzler – C64 game by Argus & Legend of Atlantis creators now available on general sale!

Great news for a brand new year as we’ve recently been told through Facebook, that Icon64’s game of Sizzler is now available to buy on general sale as either a premium plus disk edition, budget disk edition, tape version through the Psytronik website or digital download. This game was mentioned […]

Hard Copy Party – A new Adventure game in dev for the Amiga by AmigaWave/Jude Big Studio

If you were rather downbeat to learn that the unofficial game of Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island did not appear on the Amiga but was instead an Amiga inspired game launched on the PC, then this will cheer you up immensily. As we’ve been told […]