Day: January 1, 2019

Rygar AGA – Tecmo’s Arcade game as an Amiga port gets an update!

On the 23rd of December 2018, we surprised the community with an announcement that Tecmo’s 1986 Arcade game of ‘ Rygar the Legendary Warrior ‘, was unofficially coming to the Amiga after having been released for systems such as the Sharp X68000, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Master System and yes even the […]

Game 314: Zerg (1989)

This version has no title screen; it just launches you right into it.            Zerg United States Independently developed and published as freeware Released in 1989 for Amiga; new version released in 1990; later published on Fish Disk 252 in 1996 Date Started: 31 December 2018 Date Ended: 31 December […]

Trap Runner – Final version released of a rather charming Amiga game!

Only hours into New Years Day of 2019 and already we are getting some great Amiga news, as just recently we were told via our Commodore Amiga Facebook group, that Retroguru, who were behind games such as Sqrxz and Hermes, have released the final version of a charming Amiga Jump’N’Platformer called […]