Day: September 4, 2018

Introducing Foreign Frugglers – a Free Retro Pixel-Art Web Game

Ultimo Games has just released a fun retro-inspired shooter titled Foreign Frugglers. The masterful pixel-artist Timo Visser has created a simple yet fun arcade style game that’s free to play in your web browser. [embedded content] Gameplay is a take on the timeless classic Space Invaders with some fun additions. […]


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Mini Explorer XXXI – ZX Spectrum remake of EXPLORER XXXI with new footage

More fun filled news this week as after already mentioning the in-development EXPLORER XXXI remake of ‘Mini Explorer XXXI’, which was announced via the ZX Dev competition for the ZX Spectrum. You’ll pleased to know the game has been worked on extensively to the point it can now be played and […]

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge – 90’s racing game gets an updated WIP Atari XL/XE port tease

Thanks to another heads up from Zbigniew “Saberman” Zieliński, we once again look towards the Atari XL/XE scene as a little while back there was another preview update of a rather fun racing game titled as Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (Preview 6). Yes indeed a game that used to be […]

Missed Classic: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Arthur Who? (Request for Assistance)

Written by Joe Pranevich Let’s mix our time travel metaphors! If you’ve ever seen Doctor Who, you know that the adventure of the Doctor and his companions are fairly random. They travel from world to world, from time to time, solving problems and having adventures. They also spend a great […]