Month: June 2017

Ravenloft: Strahd´s Possession – Review

Game reviewed: Ravenloft: Strahd´s Possession Version: 1.0.4Created by: Dreamforge Intertainment / SSIReleased: 1994 Formats: Pc Difficulty: 8/10 Price: $8.89 (both Ravenloft games at Gameworld & Story Storywise I think the writers succeeded in conveying a dark and sinister atmosphere throughout the whole game. The writing was really good. I can tell after all my games […]

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf – Sega Mega Drive (1992) & Commodore Amiga (1993)

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf was released in the first half of 1992, a year after Operation Desert Storm had ended and with the Middle East still fresh in mind. The plot involves a Middle Eastern despot invading a small Emirate and trying to gain weapons of mass destruction.  […]