The Invasion is Coming

From Richard's C64 blog!

15th September 2016

Well finally the wait is nearly over. Over the past week ahead and myself and the rest of the testers have been testing through the whole game. There were only some tiny alterations that were needed to be make. Unfortunately, due to the size of the game being slightly over, the game doesn’t fit on a 16KB cartridge image. So I have decided to leave that out for the time being.

A digital disk (with a brand new TND intro) and tape version (minus the intro) of the game has been built, and I have also worked hard on the instructions manual, final proof reading. Now everything is ready, I have set an official date of INVASION. That will be Friday 28th October 2016.

Let’s Invade is now COMPLETE….Keep an eye out for news on the game release (and free download) at in the late morning of the official release date 🙂

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