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Rade Blunner Weon Kolalski’s Memories – Episode 1 of a new ZX Spectrum platformer

Putting aside the C64 news this evening as now we look towards the ZX Spectrum for our retro kicks, as we’ve been told by Saberman┬áthat Iadvd has released the first episode of a ZX Spectrum game called ‘┬áRade Blunner – Weon Kolalski’s Memories ”. Now if you like platformers as […]

Mister Kung Fu – A kick ass Kung Fu Master conversion via ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes compo

With the end of the year fast approaching, you would be forgiven for thinking there wouldn’t be anymore fantastic games released, especially as the Christmas rush had ended and New Years Eve is only tomorrow. Well boy do we have surprise for you! As if you followed our previous write […]

Manic Mixup – A remix of Matthew Smith’s classic ZX Spectrum 48K game ‘Manic Miner’

In 1983 Matthew Smith and published by Bug-Byte released the well known classic of Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum. Although it was later released again by Software Projects, it was the first game in the willy series and was inspired by the Atari 800 game ‘Miner 2049’. Not only […]

Gandalf Deluxe – An eye opening ZX Spectrum platformer looks better than ever

During the early part of this year we announced the release of a brilliant ZX Spectrum game called ‘ Gandalf ‘, which was finished for the ZX-Dev conversion competition as a multi-screen platformer based on the Gandalf character and developed using Nirvana+. Well there’s great news for today, as we’ve […]

Night Stalker ZX – Intellivision game comes to the ZX Spectrum

Before the clock strikes midnight there’s another game worth mentioning, as thanks to a heads up by Aleisha Cuff, she has told us ‘NIGHT STALKER ZX’; A port of the classic Intellivision maze shooter for the ZX Spectrum 48k, has finally been released by AMC Games! If you’ve never heard […]