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Below the Cut: Dungeon Explorer II (TurboGrafx-CD)

Dungeon Explorer II – Rating(8 RPP)1) 2 – Character Advancement: practice/experience based advancement, stat or level increases, multiple classes or characters, customize characters2) 3 – Combat: character stats used for combat, additional combat options, turn based3) 0 – Items and Equipment: store to buy and sell, equipment decisions, item decisions4) […]

Game #64: Exile (TurboGrafx-CD) – Another Arabian Night (Finished)

Game 64 Title: ExileReleased: 1992 (December 1991 JPN)Platform: TurboGrafx-CD (Genesis)Developer: Renovation GamesPublisher: Working DesignsGenre: RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Action (side-view)Series – Exile (XZR) It always feels weirdly different jumping into a series at game two compared to jumping into an established character at the start of a new game. There’s […]

Game #63: Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (TurboGrafx-CD) – It’s In Your Hands Now (Finished)

Game 63 Title: Dragon Slayer: The Legend of HeroesReleased: December 1992 (October 1991 JPN)Platform: TurboGrafx-CDDeveloper: Nihon FalcomPublisher: Hudson SoftGenre: RPGExploration – Top-downCombat – Turn basedSeries – The Legend of Heroes (Dragon Slayer)Here’s a title that I didn’t expect much from, and thus wasn’t disappointed. The voiced dialogue is major selling […]