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The Last Ninja Ninjakul 2 – A fabulous platformer makes its way onto the ZX Spectrum 128k

The ZX Spectrum is doing very well so far, as not only do we have Melkhior’s Mansion (Atic Atac Remake ) coming to the PC and ZX Spectrum next, but we also have some fabulous art work from the ZX Spectrum shown on the C64 as a nod to that famous […]

The Last Ninja Ninjakul 2 – A Last Ninja WIP Demake – ZX Spectrum

As far as de-makes go, the news of a Last Ninja incarnation is great news! Yes, over on the ZX Dev Remake page a user who goes by the name of Pat Morita – no relation – has started work on his version of the martial art classic. I think it was […]