Wolfling Enhanced – RGCD announces Nesdev game will be coming to the Amiga, C64 & PC/Linux/MacOS!

In 2017 Lazycow released an early version of a high quality platforming game for the NES as an entry for the 2017 Nesdev competition. It gained favourable feedback during that time with one such member noting the game had nice level design, felt non linear and incredibly moody with rather […]

RGCD officially killing it with 4 new C64 cartridges announced!

Not happy with continually supporting the Commodore 64 game dev scene with the phenomenal 16KB Cart compo – James Monkman of RGCD announced 4 brand new cartridges.  Following 2 official announcements for Retaliate DX and Grid Pix on the RGCD blog page, I spoke to James, who confirmed that the next C64 […]

GET EM DX – A one or two player maze-based arcade C64 game released!

We have certainly been flooded with C64 news this month, what with Super Mario Bros, 1337 Karage, Rivarly, Mashed Turtles and Panzer gracing our Commodore screens. But now it looks as if another game is ready to be enjoyed, as we’ve just been contacted through our twitter page that RGCD […]

RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo launching this Saturday!

We have featured many awesome C64 games this year, but if you’re looking to create one yourself then look no further than this fabulous upcoming compo. As RGCD will be launching the C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition as from this Saturday at 12:00 AM! Following on from the success […]

Bruce Lee inspired game ‘ Tiger Claw ‘ arriving on the Amiga before Christmas

Well this is fabulous news, as earlier today we found out that RGCD’s brilliant Bruce Lee inspired game ‘Tiger Claw’, will be coming to the Amiga and Amiga CD32 just in time for Christmas. This game was originally released for the C64 developed by Lazycow and Saul Cross with an exclusive […]

Aviator Arcade II – An awesome C64 shoot em up preview, final release due soon via RGCD and Psytronik

RGCD are back with another brilliant C64 tease and unlike their previous shooters, this time it’s a top quality preview for their upcoming shoot em up game ‘Aviator Arcade II’. The first version of Aviator Arcade was released in 2014 as a three level 16kb cart game for the RGCD […]