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LIMBO C64 – Modern Indie game as a work in progress on the C64 gets a rotten meat teaser!

We haven’t featured this work in progress C64 game lately, but you’ll be pleased to know the modern indie game ‘ Limbo ‘ as a C64 game, has been teased again but this time with a rather meaty preview teaser! What was originally a proof of concept by the creator […]

Alley Cat – Atari/DOS cat classic as a ZX Spectrum demake, gets a beta update

It’s time for some ZX Spectrum news now as we have just been told via our Twitter feed, that Jordi has released a beta update to his in-development Alley Cat Demake, which is coming to the ZX Spectrum via the ZX-Dev MIA remake competition. This game was originally released on the […]

X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter: Attack on the Death Star – Pico-8 demake of a PC classic

Back in the day, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter was one of the best games in the PC space sim genre… and a Star wars game at that! Excellent graphics, brilliant dogfight mechanics and great mission design. It improved upon the previous X-Wing game but by allowing a choice of flying […]