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Back-Tracking: The Scott Adams Graphical Adventures – Adventureland, Pirate Adventure, and Mission Impossible

A while ago, when I was playing Dog Star Adventure, I had the bright idea to explore the different ports for the games that I played.  I still think it’s a good idea, and one that helps my blog stand out a little by exploring some versions of games that […]

Game 40: Voodoo Castle (1979)

Scott Adams’ covers are always a good representation of what you’ll find in the game. With Voodoo Castle, it’s time for another game in the “Scott Adams Adventure” series.  I’ve enjoyed them all so far, to varying extents: Adventureland was a well-executed attempt to get a game like Colossal Cave Adventure onto […]

Game 39: Dog Star Adventure (1979)

The title screen. Note, if you will, the masterful use of negative space. Before I kick things off, I should mention that I’ve completely redone all the Final Ratings, and converted them to the new RADNESS Index (standing for Righteous Admirability Designation, Numerically Estimating Seven Scores).  I’m pretty pleased with how […]