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Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 26, 2018

This week, Rocksmith releases three songs by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Bad Reputation, I Hate Myself for Loving You, and their cover of Crimson and Clover. Surprisingly NOT I Love Rock & Roll, but … yeah. That one is pretty easy for anyone to pick up without the game.

After the years, that’s probably a true thing I can say about a lot of songs now. I don’t devote as much time to practice to it as I’d need to to truly get good at the guitar. I have too many hobbies for that. However, it’s pushed me (or I pushed it to push myself) well beyond the boundaries that had limited me for years (decades, really). It’s still the most entertaining way to learn new songs and get the practice in. It’s still not a complete solution to learning the guitar, but it’s a very powerful tool.

So I guess I still suck, but I suck MUCH LESS than I used to. Picking up a new song is no big deal. Chord transitions that used to be impossible for me are now only moderately challenging. It takes me a while to learn them, but I can at least play some recognizable solos. I have resigned myself to the likelihood that I will never be able to play Through the Fire and Flames or Satch Boogie at 100% with anything resembling accuracy. Halsb can own that one. But I can still have fun trying.

So while I don’t need the game game to learn songs anymore (not that I technically ever did, but… you know what I mean), it remains the most entertaining way to learn them. Whenever they add an artist to the official DLC that I think should have been released a long time ago, I think about my own list of bands I’m kinda-waiting for. At this point, I assume that if they aren’t there, it’s a licensing issue, and so I’m not holding my breath. Of my short-list of bands I’ve been waiting for, the boys and girls at UbiSoft have since delivered on Jethro Tull, Golden Earring, DragonForce, George Thorogood, and 38 Special. Maybe only a single song in some cases, but we’ve got ’em.

While July looks to be… more insane than I expected, I think I’m going to have to set a goal or two for the month. That worked out pretty well for me back in October… better than just dinking around with a few songs. I’m not sure which, yet. I think I’ll make Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone one of the goals, but I may have to pick one more, because I’m already fairly close on that one. Just need to master the solo and a couple more spots, and commit it to memory. Maybe one of the new Joan Jett songs, just ‘cuz.

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