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Over at The CRPG Addict, Chester has rethought his strictly chronological playing order, mostly because there are games that he’d really like to play one of these days. It’s a good idea, and I look forward to him tackling some CRPG greats from the wild future beyond 1992.

Thinking about all of this, I some math and came to the following conclusions. I post a lot less frequently than the Addict. I don’t get through games as quickly as he does. I have more games on my list. I live a sedentary lifestyle, and have a low willpower and a predilection for salty, fatty foods and sodas. In other words, I’m 41 years old and I haven’t looked after myself. For all I know I could be one triple cheeseburger away from a fatal heart attack. I should probably rethink my system as well.

With all of that in mind, there are games I want to play in the nearish future. I know, I could just play them on my own time, but I want to play them as a part of the blog. So I’ve introduced the Priority List, which is a list of the games I really, really want to get to. Mostly it includes the most prominent games and series, mixed in with a few idiosyncratic choices.

My current plan is that after finishing four games on my chronological list, I’ll throw in a game from the Priority List, alternating between adventure games and CRPGs. The Priority List itself is in chronological order, so to begin with I won’t be straying too far into the future. If you look up at my schedule for 1979, you’ll see now that the regular schedule is interspersed with Akalabeth and the first two Ultimas, Wizardry I and II, Rogue, Zork I, and the first few Sierra Hi-Res adventures.

When I cycle back around to a game in my chronological list I might revisit it, perhaps by playing a different port. That might depend on how recently I’ve played that game, and on whether I actually enjoyed it or not. We’ll see.

I’m also going to try (emphasis on try) to maintain a more regular schedule. My current plan is to definitely post every Sunday, with a post on Wednesdays if I can squeeze one in. I’ve already finished Burial Ground Adventure, so expect a post on that coming up this Sunday. I do enjoy posting on the blog, and I’d really like to become more reliable on that score. That’s more likely to happen if I out it out there into the ether, which I just did. So Sundays! And maybe Wednesdays! See you then!

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