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By Ilmari

Prince is auditioning for the role of Arthur Fleck
(BTW, notice the picture showing wizard goblin with his friends from the first game)

Last time, Prince had just been possessed by a demon, and the wizard goblin suggested using water from his fountain. The water did separate the demon from the prince, but this wasn’t just a good thing.

Captured again

Prince was gone, wizard was of no use and I had no idea what to do. It was back to testing random things – and mostly enraging the wizard in the process. I quickly found a pencil, and if a goblin tried to draw with it on wizard’s portrait, the wizard would throw a boomerang, which the other goblin could catch. If then a goblin would pour water on the wizard, the wizard would throw a toothpick, which the other goblin could catch with the boomerang. The toothpick could then be used on the teeth of the skeleton, which would open its chest cavity and reveal a bottle which would fall down on the floor and break, leaving only a wet puddle.

I also tried to use the pencil to draw a caricature of the wizard on the blackboard. The wizard wiped it away a few times and finally threw his sponge on the floor. I could then use the sponge to clean the puddle of water. If I then blew the pipe to make some smoke and used the wet sponge on smoke, a portal appeared. Yep, the puzzles have become a bit arbitrary at this point of the game.

Surprise, it’s the same demon we defeated once!

The portal took us to the kingdom of death, where the demon Amoniak was the holding prince in his arms. It was again time to test the various hotspots with both of the gobliins. One “button” particularly threw out eye balls, which a goblin could ride to get to a part of the screen where he could catch a mouse.

Yes, it’s a flying eyeball

The mouse could be used to lure a crocodile to lift its head from one of the holes. Jumping on the crocodile would make the goblin fly through the air. The demon would try to catch the flying goblin, which would allow me to throw a boomerang at a nearby stalactite and hit the demon’s hand with it (yet another tight spot requiring quick timing). At this point, Amoniak lost his grip and the prince ran off.

You can see a monster trying to stop the prince and another eyeball convincing it to let go

I had achieved one goal, and I could now pause and decide what to do next. I was still in the realm of death, with no obvious exit. This was again a time for random experimentation. After a considerable amount of false leads, I noticed that I could drop my wet sponge on a rock and then throw the prince with the eyeball machine on it, making the rock wet in the process. I could then use my pencil to draw something on the rock (yes, the puzzles have become a bit arbitrary).

A doorway!
This is it, this is the ending?

A bit of a letdown, I have to say. Oh well, I’ll return next week with the ratings.

Session time: 3 h 5 min
Total time: 23 h 15 min

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