Gobliins 2 – Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)

From The Adventure Gamer

By Ilmari

Prince, if you’d just come down, this would be all over

All things come to an end, but some things just don’t know when to end. Last time I had led goblins to a giant beanstalk, which magically transported all the goblins near the village where I started. Unfortunately, prince did not want to come down, because he was hungry. Really? This seems a bit anticlimactic turn of events.

Well, off to find food then. The man-tree I had met before was here and was willing to part with his apples. I could drop apples with a match, but the problem was catching them. Solution came in the form of a bean that dropped from above. I offered that to a mole living under a rock and stole his cap, when he wasn’t looking.

I used the cap to get the apple to the prince. And what did the ungrateful kid do? He ate a magic mushroom.

This hasn’t been the first mushroom sequence of the game, but it was certainly the most chaotic. Nothing really made sense here, but at least some of the animations were funny – although they started to get boring after watching the same animations over and over again.

Like this bowling bit

I won’t go into details here, because even if I leave out all the false leads I tried, the final “right” sequence involved lot of repetition.The main idea was, firstly, to use the bowling ball and other equipment to get the two goblins to top of the rainbow, where they could access prince. Then they were supposed to capture the prince to a bubble…

…like this.
And then burst the bubble with a safety pin to drop the prince to the ground.

Getting back to the previous screen, our next task was to get inside the village walls.The gate was locked, but I could a) press a button to reveal a key on top of a statue and b) use a catapult to throw prince high in the air.

Where did that bird come from?

A bird captured the prince. Ho-hum.

I vote we just leave him there

For the umpteenth time, I had to manipulate some things to throw a goblin to a higher platform.

Take rock
Throw rock on an innocent creature

Drop the big rock with a face to a lower platform

Push the big rock down

The rest of the screen was as uneventful. I had to jump on the rock to lower it a bit, so that the other goblin could ride along, then I had to use one of the goblins as a bridge…

This deserves a picture

…and finally use the file to let the caged bird out (at least this was a nice bit of continuity, since we encountered the bird way back in the castle). Then we were free to pick the prince and the key and to move into the village.

Yet another twist: a possessed prince!

It seems like this game is never over. Well, at least this whole possession thing sounds intriguing, unlike the screens I had to go through this time.

Inventory: fountain water

Session time: 1 h 55 min
Total time: 20 h 10 min

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