Gobliins 2 – Floating castle

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By Ilmari

I am probably overthinking it, but I have a hard time understanding the geography of the game. The world outside the castle shows no sign of a sea nearby. Still, under the castle is what the manual calls a sea passage. In fact, it is so big a passage that it holds a sunken boat and a mermaid population. Maybe the castle and the lands surrounding it float on top of the ocean?

Or perhaps someone just built this here?

Puzzlewise the boat used a mechanic familiar from earlier parts of the game: if a goblin stood on an oyster when it opened (I’ll not go into details, but this involved lot of a seemingly unrelated actions and an eel scaring a fish into the vicinity of the oyster), the goblin would fly into the bow of the ship it couldn’t reach otherwise.

Like this

On the bow, there was a platform, and when the figurehead of the boat was manipulated, the goblin on the platform would fly toward a dark corner described by the game as ???. Here another part of the boat was helpful. I could light the lantern on the aft of the ship to attract a fish with a lamp, which I could then use to light up the dark corner, revealing a treasure chest. Unfortunately, neither of the goblins had the strength to open it. Time to move to a new screen.

The merfolk

The most important part of this screen were the stairs at the middle that led to a passage going to the castle throne room. The problem was that a) the passage was barred and b) an octopus wouldn’t let me move past it. Time to check other parts of the screen.

Using my trusty stool, I could mount the seahorse, who would take me to the platform at the upper left corner of the screen. Here, a goblin could speak with the mermaid queen, whose eyes were taken by the demon king Amoniak who had conquered the castle. At the uppermost ledge, there was a bottle I couldn’t reach.

Because of a tentacle monster

I could also try to enter a cavern, only to be driven away by the owner of the cavern – a small octopus. The octopus was followed by a…


I could catch the glove with a seashell. Within the glove I found a starfish. It took me a while to figure it out, but I eventually learned it was strong enough to help me with treasure chest at the previous screen. My reward was a sword, which I could use to pry a diamond from a skull attached to boat.

The glove itself proved also to be useful, since I could use it to cover the tentacled monster. Thus, I finally had an access to the bottle, which contained a pearl and a parchment from the Prince Buffoon, asking someone to save him from the clutches of Amoniak. The emerald, together with the diamond, were meant as new eyes for the queen, who thanked me by removing the bars from the passage. Octopus, on the other hand, wanted to see the parchment to be convinced of my good intentions.

The ocean section has felt a bit of a detour in the overall course of the game. It seems like the producers wanted to include a marine themed portion into a game, no matter what. I am hoping the game speeds up a bit, now that I am stepping into the throne room.

Inventory: stool, elixir, glove

Session time: 1 h 30 min
Total time: 16 h 30 min

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