A Mighty Fortress – An Anthology of Mormon Steampunk Volume 4

From Tales of the Rampant Coyote

Hey, more Steampunk! I’ve got a story in the fourth “Mormon Steampunk” anthology, A Mighty Fortress, which releases on February 18th and is available for pre-order now. We’ve got some short video trailers for some of the stories. This one is for my story, “The Tunnel.”

The Tunnel is loosely inspired by a legend circulating around Britain and parts of Europe from the late 1800s (but surviving until at least the middle of the 20th century) about the “Mormons” having build a tunnel from England to Salt Lake City – terminating beneath the Salt Lake Temple. The rumor stated the Mormons were abducting women through the tunnel. My story involves an investigative journalist named Eloise White who makes an effort to investigate this story, as crazy as it sounds, when women in London turn up missing.

I also have a story in the first volume of the series, “All Made of Hinges.”

What is “Mormon Steampunk?” Well, the call for submissions explained, “The story must be in some sense ‘Mormon’ and in some sense ‘Steampunk.’ We’ll try to interpret those categories both broadly. If your story is faith-promoting (Mormonism is ‘true’ in the story), we’ll stop reading it. If it is mean-spirited (Mormons are all idiots), we’ll also stop reading it.” The stories so far have ranged from steampunk retellings of historical events to off-the-wall to epic clockwork-and-steam apocalyptic battles, and everything in-between. Fun stuff!


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