Day: April 11, 2019

RiverRaid Reloaded – A new River Raid clone released for the Amiga

While many of you are probably enjoying Project R3D’s River Raid style game of ‘ Bridge Strike ‘, you might also interested to know that as of today Alpha One has released his River Raid clone of ‘ RiverRaid Reloaded ‘, which has been released for the Commodore Amiga. Now […]

Ultizurk II: Won! (with Summary and Rating)

Congratulations! Here’s a near-unreadable screen!              Ultizurk II: The Shadow Master United States Independently developed and published Released in 1992 for DOS Date Started: 26 March 2019 Date Finished: 7 April 2019 Total Hours: 16 Difficulty: Moderate (3/5)Final Rating: (to come later)Ranking at time of posting: (to come later) Summary: […]