Day: April 3, 2019

KoBo Deluxe – HOT NEWS as Kick ass blaster gets an Amiga 68k port!

We’ve got some great retro gaming news at this late hour, as we’ve just been informed through our inbox, that Artigames has released a kick ass shoot em up game called ‘ KoBo Deluxe ‘ for the Commodore Amiga and or Amiga based emulator. Yes indeed if you’re looking for […]

AlarCity – Upcoming Amiga game from PixelGlass gets beefed up!

The Amiga has certainly had its fair share of news over the last couple of months, what with the CD32 Beer edition, Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude, Bridge Strike, AlarCity Dungeon Prototype and Blask gracing our Amiga screens. But now it looks as if AlarCity is back in the news, as unlike […]

CD32 and Beer multiplayer compilation Final Edition is now available

After many months of featuring on Indie Retro News, it is time to announce as thanks to a heads up by Earok, that the Final Edition of the CD32 and Beer Multiplayer Compilation has been released for all to enjoy.  Yes indeed a compilation that is packed full of genres […]

Robbo After 30 Years – 30th celebration of a classic Action Puzzle game (Atari XL/XE)

If you don’t have a C64 but an Atari XL/XE then this news should cheer you up! As we’ve just been told by Saberman that Lukas Bezdek has released the 30th Anniversary game ‘ Robbo After 30 Years ‘ for the Atari XL/XE. This game based around the classic 1980’s […]

Lala Prologue – A charming platformer by Digital Monastery gets a C64 & CPlus/4 release

Ladies and Gentlemen, C64 and CPlus/4 owners across the globe! Digital Monastery creators of Crazy Music,  Zombie Calavera Prologue and the upcoming game Robots Rumble are back with another stunning C64 and CPlus/4 release. As we’ve just been told through Facebook, that they have released a new game called ‘Lala Prologue […]