Day: December 28, 2018

The year of the C64 – A 2018 Roundup and GOTY Nominees!

As another super year for the C64 draws to a close, I take another look at the release highlights of the year, starting with all the games which had Physical versions ship this year, then followed by all the digital download releases, including the ones which will ship next year, […]

Mazinger Z Preview – C64 game based on 1970’s Manga Anime of Go Nagai

The C64 scene hasn’t finished with us yet, as moments ago we were contacted by¬†@Errazking, that the C64 game based on the 1970’s Manga Anime of Go Nagai called ‘¬†Mazinger Z (Preview) ‘, has recently been released. This rather eye opening Arcade preview with music and sfx from Gryzor87, bitmaps […]