Day: December 5, 2018

Quadron arcade game for ZX Spectrum released 30 years after creation!

If you’re looking for a newish ZX Spectrum game to play then you might be interested to know, Cosmium has made available his Arcade 1980s Williams classic inspired game of ‘Quadron’, that is available to buy via and features fast arcade style gameplay, multiple weapons, enemies, collectables, powerups, and […]

The Zing – The Thing inspired horror for the Commodore Amiga

The Thing was one of the greatest horror movies of all time, a 1980’s horror film aboutĀ a parasitic extraterrestrial life-form that assimilates and then imitates other organisms such as theĀ American researchers in Antarctica who encounter this disgusting parasite as the "Thing". Although this post isn’t so much about the 1982 […]