Month: December 2018

Survival ZX – Try to survive the Zombie horde in this new ZX Spectrum game

If you’re not feeling festive and really don’t care for the new year, then you’ll probably be more interested in playing Mr Rancio’s Zombie Fest game ‘ Survival ZX ‘, which has recently been released for the ZX Spectrum 128k as an action slasher! This game featuring multiple areas to visit […]

Mister Kung Fu – A kick ass Kung Fu Master conversion via ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes compo

With the end of the year fast approaching, you would be forgiven for thinking there wouldn’t be anymore fantastic games released, especially as the Christmas rush had ended and New Years Eve is only tomorrow. Well boy do we have surprise for you! As if you followed our previous write […]

Game 313: Black Crypt (1992)

            Black Crypt United States Raven Software (developer); Electronic Arts (publisher) Released in 1992 for Amiga Date Started: 27 December 2018   Games of the Dungeon Master variety will never be my favorite of the CRPG subgenres. I like my RPGs to have meaningful NPC interactions, economies, more role-playing options, […]

The year of the C64 – A 2018 Roundup and GOTY Nominees!

As another super year for the C64 draws to a close, I take another look at the release highlights of the year, starting with all the games which had Physical versions ship this year, then followed by all the digital download releases, including the ones which will ship next year, […]

Mazinger Z Preview – C64 game based on 1970’s Manga Anime of Go Nagai

The C64 scene hasn’t finished with us yet, as moments ago we were contacted by @Errazking, that the C64 game based on the 1970’s Manga Anime of Go Nagai called ‘ Mazinger Z (Preview) ‘, has recently been released. This rather eye opening Arcade preview with music and sfx from Gryzor87, bitmaps […]

Killer Bees – A Swarm of dangerous Bees attack the C64!

Another awesome heads up by our good friends Saberman and Silvio Savarino and again related to the C64, is the recently released conversion of ‘Killer Bees’ from the Philips Magnavox to the C64 by Digital Monastery. Now this unusual game was first released way back in 1983 by Bob Harris, […]

Coco Banana – Amiten Software gives us a Xmas Demo of their cute Amiga game

At the beginning of this month we told you of Amiten Software’s colourful Amiga platformer of ‘ Coco Banana ‘, that was not only available as a Physical Edition 19,90€ (inluded Shipping to Europe only), but it was also available as a digital download 9,90€ and playable as an early demo […]

Mawilo Studio Launches with a Lysium: Stardiver teaser trailer

New 16-bit style Metroidvania game from the makers of the Construct Metroidvania Game Kit? YES PLEASE! Only a teaser trailer released so far but the announcement comes in the form of a new joint effort in the form of Mawilo game studio between @Tokinsom @7SoulDesign @OneRumor and if their combined previous efforts […]