Day: November 5, 2018

Dizzy’s New Adventure – A Dizzy fan game like never before!

We’ve featured many Dizzy fan games over the years, games such as Adventure Land Dizzy, Dizzy The Last Hero, Sunken Castle Dizzy and even the brilliant Dizzy The Last Hero v2 to name but a few. But now there’s a new Dizzy fan game that caught our eye and that’s Dizzy’s New Adventure; […]

Alley Cat – Atari/DOS cat classic as a ZX Spectrum demake, gets a beta update

It’s time for some ZX Spectrum news now as we have just been told via our Twitter feed, that Jordi has released a beta update to his in-development Alley Cat Demake, which is coming to the ZX Spectrum via the ZX-Dev MIA remake competition. This game was originally released on the […]

Nogalious – Multiplatform retro inspired game gets an MSX Trailer prior to its release.

As most of you were made aware by now LUEGOLU3GO STUDIO’s had announced their retro inspired platformer game ‘ Nogalious ‘, was not only made available via shipping but was also released via Steam for the PC platform, with an upcoming development for the Amstrad, C64, ZX Spectrum and MSX. […]

CPCRetroDev 2018 – The latest Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest with 41 new trailers!

Crimson Knight Adventures The Amstrad has gone crazy this month as there have been so many games mentioned for the CPCRetroDEV 2018 competition, that the record has been broken for submissions, with a massive number of 41 games entered! Which beats the previous 29 by a big margin. In fact […]

Legend of Steel – A new Amstrad game by TOD Studios is looking very good indeed!

With the end results of the CPCRetroDEV fast approaching and plenty of Amstrad games to play, one such game in the competition that we are eagerly awaiting to load up on our Amstrad CPC is TOD Studios ‘Legend of Steel’. This game which we have mentioned earlier as a top […]