Day: October 24, 2018

Holcan Warrior of the Sun – Another fab C64 game teased by Trevor Storey and team!

There hasn’t been a month gone by this year that T Storey, G Rottensteiner, A Volkers and S Collier haven’t been mentioning C64 games that are currently in development, teased as possible projects or released into the wild. We’ve had the release of Barnsley Badger, Argus,¬†Organism and even Rocky Memphis […]

Zombie Calavera Prologue – Mojon Twins ZX Spectrum game will be ported to the C64

Got a ZX Spectrum and a C64 and looking forward to Halloween? Then you might be pleased to know Digital Monastery will be bringing The Mojon Twins speccy game of ‘¬†Zombie Calavera Prologue ‘, to the C64 within the next couple of weeks. This game originally released in 2010 puts […]

L’abbaye Des Morts – Upcoming eagerly awaited C64 port accepting pre-orders!

Some time back we announced the release of L’Abbaye des Morts; a fantastic platformer in a ZX Spectrum style that was originally developed by Locomalito who is no stranger to developing fantastic games such as Maldita Castilla and Hydorah. Well you’ll be pleased to know that same game which also […]