Day: September 13, 2018

CD32 and Beer multiplayer compilation September 2018 edition!

All hail the Earok! As it is with great pleasure to give a late announcement to a great CD32 package that is sure to excite many in the Amiga community, as the CD32 and Beer multiplayer compilation September 2018 Edition has been released. Yes indeed through another month we have […]

Micro Mages: A gorgeous nes game for the NES – Currently on Kickstarter!

Micro Mages is a new NES game that is currently up on Kickstarter. The game is already finished and the developers are running a Kickstarter campaign now to raise funds for producing the actual cartridges, boxes and manuals. At first glance Micro Mages is a gorgeous looking platform game with […]

Missed Classic: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Won! And Final Rating

Written by Joe Pranevich I did it! With your help, I conquered The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! This has been my fifteenth Infocom adventure and certainly one of the tougher ones, but thankfully Voltgloss and some Invisiclues were around to put me back on track. I leave this game […]