Month: August 2018

Pooyan +6DGMH – 1980’s Arcade C64 game now features a +6 trainer and PAL optimization

Fancy reliving a bit of Arcade fun on the C64, then look no further than the lastest release by Hokuto Force, it’s ‘Pooyan’ +6DGMH! This was an Arcade game released in 1982 by Konami for the Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit, C64, Sord M5, MSX, Apple II, Famicom, Tandy TRS-80 as well […]

The Age of Heroes – Work in progress C64 game by Legend of Atlantis creators gets new footage!

The T Storey, G Rottensteiner, A Volkers and S Collier Facebook group has been a buzz of likes and shares this week as according to the team behind the fantastic game of Argus and the Aliens vibe of Organism. They have recently done a big heads up with new footage […]

A Playable Demo for the Fan Made Re-Imagining of Sonic Chaos is Available

An exciting entry into this year’s SAGE event is a hot re-imagining of the 1993 Sega Game Gear and Master System platform game, Sonic Chaos. Based on the current style of 2D classic Sonic games inspired by Sonic Mania, Sonic Chaos updates the 8 bit visuals of the original and adapts a […]

Aeon of Sands – The Trail – A creepy crawler is coming to Steam soon

It wasn’t long ago now that we had an exclusive interview with Two Bit Kids in relation to their upcoming Dungeon Crawler of Aeon of Sands ; an incredible looking crawler that takes us back to the golden age of grid based crawlers, full of disgusting creatures, loot, button pushing door […]

Streets of Rage 4 is coming, and damn are we pumped!

The news is spreading far and wide and that has come as no surprise to us, as earlier today the publisher Dotemu and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have announced Streets of Rage 4; an all-new continuation of SEGA’s iconic arcade brawler series known for its kick ass tunes, […]

Missed Classic: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Improbable Mission

Written by Joe Pranevich Welcome back! Last week, I successfully defeated the Vogons, retrieved the elusive babel fish, and managed to secure an atomic vector plotter before being jettisoned out of an airlock. Not bad for a Thursday! This week, I will be picking up the thread just after passing […]